4 Things I Learned From My Service Learning Trip I Wouldn’t Have In School

When my teacher announced that they wanted to take my class on a Service Learning trip abroad so that we can learn other cultures as well as how people across the world, experience different things than we do in America I was all for Volunteer Travel. I figured a Service Learning trip abroad would let me experience things that I would never normally get to see in the United States, and I was right which made me completely happy with our Voluntourism.

Leadership Skills

When our class got to the Honduras we all went to our hotel rooms and put away our things and got ready to meet up for a bite to eat while our teacher prepared us for the coming day’s activities. It was quite the treat just to be in Honduras so anything that our teacher had to tell us was all going in with an already excited class ready to go on any adventure they had planned for us.

Our first day’s activity was to go help the people around the city and experience some of the landmarks of Honduras at the same time, so we all split up into groups where I got to be picked as the leader of our group while others also got to be leaders in their own way.

While we walked around the city I made sure that everyone stayed together the entire time and if anyone saw anything out of the way we only spent a fraction of the time with a couple of places so that we could keep our schedule. I made sure to keep the entire group together so no one got lost while on our walk which was the right thing to do.

Language Proficiency – Making Myself Heard

While no one in our group had a full grasp of the Spanish language, a few of us had taken Spanish class and so knew a little of the language, making our walks around the city a little easier for us, but sometimes we still had to pull out the translations to get our points across, but once we did we could better understand people the next time around thanks to real world examples of using the language along with slang terms they used during our conversations.


I am so thankful that our teacher decided to take us on this Alternative Breaks adventure for our Volunteer Travel because my entire class got to see and do things that we never would get to experience in America. I feel like this Alternative Breaks trip not only let me experience other parts of the world, but my class got to expand their horizon thanks to adapting to a brand new culture as well. We got to see how other people live across the world.

Performing Under Pressure

Our trip wasn’t too hard for us, but in those times that we had to perform under pressure all of us passed with flying colors because we stuck together the entire time, so if 1 of us had any problems we always had someone else to take the lead during our Voluntourism providing medical care in Honduras.

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