Forget The Hostel & Go Voluntouring Instead

Hey you, yeah you reading this right now I know your thinking about traveling and I also know you have a bunch of tabs open looking at different Hostel Traveling links. I can tell you right now don’t waste your time and instead give me a couple of minutes to convince you why Voluntourism is going to be your best choice.

I know it’s a bold statement but one I can back up easily. I was in the same boat as you and by pure chance or whatever I stumbled into a better choice. Not only is it new age it is also satisfying beyond belief. Your probably asking what this is all about. I get it and I was in the same boat well for me it was about going to Nadi in Fiji. I helped out the people there with medical issues. No I am not even pre-med nor do I plan on being a doctor.

Maybe Fiji Would Be Nice

I got your attention didn’t I? Good that’s the point you see whether you want to go to places such as Fiji or maybe someplace like Kenya or Bolivia just to name a couple you can. I did it during my Spring Break. They don’t call it a Spring Break instead it’s called Alternative Breaks. Once I found it I knew that Hostel Traveling was not going to be the way to go for me. I wanted something more I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to form memories I would never forget. Alternative Breaks was what I decided to do and I can tell you it was well worth it. f your like me and I am guessing you are because your still reading this far so I cant be wrong your thinking about it seriously and probably asking.

Why Volunteer Over Staying At A Hostel

For me the decision was simple I had to look at it this way do I go someplace and stay in a room filled with 7 or 8 different guys I don’t know and we are all doing the same thing and doing the same thing fighting for the same shower time? Nah I’ll pass and instead thats where the Alternative Breaks came in perfectly. Instead I chose to go somewhere most people only dream of ever getting to. Instead of lying around sitting on the beach which for me gets rather boring I dedicated my time and energy to help.

Your Sold But You Gotta Know How Long And What Are The Choices

This is the very best part. Since we all know Spring Break is come and gone way to quickly the last thing you want is to be planning a Voluntourism trip only to find out it’s too long. A ton of these are a week long. Yeah a week. I was shocked at how fast my week went. Mostly shocked in a sad way because I wanted to stay longer. As for choices there are as many to choose from as you can possibly imagine. Building, Care, Medicine, International Development and Conservation. Those are only a little sampling of what you can decide upon.


Let’s say it together good bye hostel and hello Voluntourism.

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