How I Apply My Volunteer Experience To My Job

We decide to volunteer because we love to be of assistance to other people. When we volunteer, we feel needed and know that our time is being offered to give assistance to those less fortunate than ourselves.


If you also feel the need to volunteer, there are plenty of ways that you can help the less fortunate. Do a search online to see where you can be best utilized and then offer your time to help out. 

Can Volunteering Help You Get A Job 

You should list out your volunteering status on your resume. Many employers find this impressive. Make sure that you tell the charity name and what you did for the people. Have a contact number so that the employer can verify that you volunteered to help others. 

How Can You Apply The Volunteer Experience To Your Job 

When you accept a position, you can use the skills that you gathered while you were volunteering. You will have an ability to listen to others more than someone who did not volunteer at some point in their lives. This will give you a step up when it comes to leadership in the company. You may be looked at for a managerial position over others that are not good at listening. 

Other Skills To Apply On The Job From Volunteering 

If you have volunteered, you donated your time to help a cause or person. You are a good time manager. This can help you on your job because you will be able to fit in your responsibilities easily. You were also held accountable for what you did while you were volunteering. This means that you can use accountability in your job too. Make sure that you complete all the things that you say you will while you are employed. 

Volunteering Can Be A Small Or Big Endeavor 

Everyone that volunteers has time constraints. They find out where they can help and how many hours they can do it for. This is looked upon highly by employers because they know that there are many other things that can take precedence for a person during the days and nights. By volunteering, someone is giving up something else for another person that needs the care or assistance. Even small things add up and matter. 

Whenever you do get a chance to volunteer, remember that you can utilize the skills that you acquired from the experience on your job. You can feel confident that it will make you a better worker and person.

About The Author:

Raquel Herrera is currently a social worker with a goal to help underprivileged children in Southern California. Her alternative break with our organization 3 years ago helped her realize her passion and love for helping children and reuniting them with their families. In her spare time, she loves to write for nonprofit organizations as well as Online MSW Programs.

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